Group Pilates

Pilates is an exercise regimen for anyone looking to gain strength, improve posture, work around or rehabilitate injured areas of the body.  It is prescribed by physical therapists for individuals with any type of injury. Pilates was started by a man named Joseph Pilates, he was a war prisoner, and turned the bunk bed in his prison dorm into what is now known as the Cadillac. Joseph Pilates was a boxer and an inventor. He used objects from around the prison to build resistance training equipment. And that is exactly what Pilates is a resistance training exercise program. It uses the weight of an individuals body to build strength. All of the equipment; the reformer, Cadillac, chair, ladder barrel, foot corrector, spine corrector, and ring are used to bear the weight of your own body to build strength. A minimum of five private Reformer classes is required before signing up for any Group Reformer Pilates classes.


Private Reformer Pilates

Sessions are scheduled one-on-one, and lessons are customized to fit your needs and individual challenges. We help you isolate your specific level and build your ability. New clients must complete 5 private sessions to learn a baseline routine, gain familiarity with the equipment, and to feel confident prior to group sessions. 


Pilates Mat

Mat classes include classical Pilates methods and principles. The use of props balls, bands or rollers to increase the instability of the surface and increase the use of abdominal strength and stability. NEW? Try a GUEST INTRODUCTION. This lets you try a sampling of the exercises while you learn about the Pilates Method.